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Diana Vickers

Diana Vickers

Diana Vickers Biography

Diana Vickers

When the "Little Hippie" Diana Vickers bounced on to the stage in the 2008 series of the X-Factor, no-one would have imagined she would have been named "Best Dressed Woman of the Year" two years later.

She won this accolade at the Clothes Show Style Awards in 2010 and the previous year on October 29th she was awarded "Fashionista of the Week" by the Guardian Newspaper.

Vickers' trademark style includes her messy back-combed bird's nest hair and vintage inspired clothing. She is often seen wearing outfits from London's Brick Lane, camden and Beyond Retro.

Despite her rise to fame, not only as a singer but also has an award-winning West End actress, Vickers has retained her innocent fun-loving self. She has a genuine facebook page where she relates her nights out with friends with great relish and she has not been involved in any boyfriend scandals.

She was dating actor Joshua Jenkins, but they have since split as she wants to concentrate on her career. They remain good friends, but you could not imagine anything else as Vickers is a thoroughly nice girl who has not forgotten her roots.

She was born in Blackburn in Lancashire and grew up in the village of Huncoat, near Accrington. When she left school she intended to travel to Thailand to "find herself" but decided to train as an actress instead. She had sung from an early age, but never professionally.

She had a hard time on the X-Factor, having to miss one week due to tonsillitis and faced the wrath of certain viewers who thought it was not fair she was automatically put through to the following week. Some even said she had faked her illness, but her mentor Cheryl Cole told everyone she was "really ill" and she was interviewed at home in her pyjamas, in tears and said how disappointed she was to miss the show.

A favourite to win the competition, she eventually came fourth in the year that Alexandra Burke won, but in January 2009 she secured a record deal with RCA Records.

2009 was definitely Vickers' year, in October she took to the stage in the West End to play the character created by Jane Horrocks in the film version of "The Rise and Fall of Little Voice", She played the part until January 2010 and was critically acclaimed for her part. She also won the "London Newcomer of the Year Award" in the Theatregoers Choice Awards.

In April 2010 her debut single was released and sold over 204,000 copies and her debut album, released on May 3rd 2010 reached Number 1 in the UK albums chart and was certified Gold by the British Phonographic Industry.

It will come as no surprise that this unique, kooky boho chick is a firm believer in ghosts and once celebrated her birthday by having an exorcism in her house.

In her early teens she lived in a haunted house and she experienced numerous supernatural phenomena. She said, "In that house I always felt like someone else was there, I'd literally just turned 17 and was living by myself, I had to go to sleep with the light on for about six weeks.

"I was hearing voices, things were where they should not be and when I was in the shower I heard someone knocking on the door, but there was no-one there."

Despite the exorcism she moved out a week later, but it was not her first ghostly experience, that happened when she was 15-years-old in front of a witness.

She had a friend staying with her and she was sitting up in bed with her back to the wall when a force of some kind got hold of her and pulled her backwards and forwards so she was hitting her head against the wall.

Vickers said "I was screaming and my friend freaked out and kept shouting, Oh My God, Oh My God".

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